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New Jersey Walks and Bikes

The New Jersey Walks and Bikes newsletter highlights bicycle and pedestrian projects across New Jersey as well as local and national news, events, and research findings. Articles include project profiles, best practice examples, policy and current research.


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NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 76

  • Give Thanks and Giving Back: Recycling your Bicycle
  • Progress Report: Borough of Bay Head Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
  • BPRC – Now Active on Social Media!

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 75

  • Meet Our Newest Staff Member, Lisa Cintron
  • Charles Brown Appointed to America Walks Board of Directors
  • Somerset County Adopts a Complete Streets Policy
  • What to Look for When Purchasing a Used Bicycle

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 74

  • New Brunswick Ciclovia Wraps up 2016 with Its Fourth Event
  • E-Bikes in New Jersey
  • Downtown Trenton Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
  • New Municipal Technical Assistance Program: Safe Routes to Transit

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 73

  • Bicycle Safety Action Plan Update
  • ITE Journal Publishes, Fear: A Silent Barrier to Bicycling in Black and Hispanic Communities
  • Jersey City’s New Citi Bike Stations: How to Benefit All Neighborhoods Equally
  • New Jersey Ambassadors in Motion Hit Bradley Beach

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 72

  • Walk Together: The Benefits of Walking Groups
  • What to Do After a Bicycle Crash in New Jersey

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 71

  • Applications Open for Big Jump Project!
  • Investments in Active Transportation Spur Economic Activity

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 70

  • Ramsey Hosts First Bicycle Rodeo

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 69

  • Cape May Expanding Bike Paths with NJDOT Grants
  • Philadelphia Ranked #1 in Bikeability by Redfin
  • NJAIM at Two Middlesex Bicycle Rodeos

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 68

  • Bike Share – Not Just for the Big City
  • Pemberton Township has a New Complete Streets Policy and Plan
  • New Jersey Ambassadors in Motion at Metuchen Healthy Kids Day

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 67

  • A New Year Brings Ciclovia Back to New Brunswick
  • Get Your Bicycle Read for National Bike Month and Beyond!
  • Report Wrap-Up: Guidebook for Developing Pedestrian & Bicycle Performance Measures

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 66

  • Milburn Ready to Break Ground on Complete Streets Initiative
  • VTC Presents at the New Jersey 2016 TransAction Conference

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 65

  • Ciclovia Returns to New Brunswick for Its 4th Year
  • Camden Citcuit Trails Plan Completed
  • Newark Completes BikeIronBound: Bicycle Plan for the City of Newark

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 64

  • The Morris Canal Greenway Makes Headway

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 63

  • The Alliance for Biking and Walking Releases Its 2016 Benchmarking report
  • Liberty Bridge: A History of Pedestrian Bridges Comes Full Circle in New Jersey

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 62

  • What Do America’s Shopping Malls Have to Do with Health?

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 61

  • Bicycling and Walking Well Represented at the New Jersey American Planning Association Conference
  • The Federal Department of Transportation Passed the First Transportation Bill in Over 10 Years… But Now What?

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 60

  • Winter Bicycling Tips
  • Provide Input for the Princeton Bicycle Master Plan!
  • The Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting
  • BPAC Subcommittee Releases Primer on How Shoulders Compare to Bicycle Lanes in New Jersey

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 59

  • Road Diets and Safe Street Design
  • New Report Quantifies Impact of Increasing Bicycling Mode Share on Climate Change Emissions

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 58

  • Complete Streets: FHWA’s Revision to 13 Controlling Criteria for Design
  • How Suburbia (Had) Shaped My Perception of Bicycling

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 57

  • Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and National Complete Streets Coalition Director Emiko Atherton Bookend Another Successful Complete Streets Summit
  • Bicycling Among Seniors on the Upswing

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 56

  • New Research: Costs and Benefits of a Road Diet Conversion in New Brunswick
  • Hoboken Launches Hudson Bike Share and Mayor Zimmer Takes Inaugural Ride
  • Bicycling in New Jersey’s Transit Villages
  • First Annual Open Streets Montclair!

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 55

  • New Brunswick Park(ing) Day Photos!
  • Surgeon General Issues a Call To Action to Promote Walkable Communities
  • Bicycling in Camden
  • Fall Bicycling Events in New Jersey

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 54

  • BPRC Welcomes New Rutgers International Students at Bicycle Orientation
  • Livingston Avenue Road Diet August Meeting
  • Park(ing) Day Returns to New Brunswick!
  • Kids Day Out
  • September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance Announces Route Alignment

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 53

  • Now It’s Jersey Citi: Bicycle Share Comes to Jersey City!
  • Bicycling the Jersey Shore
  • Pedestrian Planning in Somerville

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 52

  • 4th Annual “Christmas in July” Bicycle Giveaway and Rodeo
  • Building ‘Human Infrastructure’ and Equity Through Ciclovias
  • Central Bergen Bicycle & Pedestrian Plans

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 51

  • #OpenStreets15 Preview: Building Equity in New Brunswick
  • Innovative Ways to Count Pedestrians and Bicyclists
  • BSMART: A Device to Protect Bicyclists from Passing Cars
  • Bicycle Lanes: What Are They, What is the Difference, Why Do They Matter?

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 50

  • Shared Spaces: Can Redefining Street Design Provide an Equitable Space for Cars, Bikes and Pedestrians?
  • Bicycle Lanes and Gentrification

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 49

  • Walk to School Event Celebrates Father’s Day!
  • Separated Bicycle Lanes Now Federal Policy
  • Protected Bicycle Lane Returns to Newark!
  • How to Keep Young Bicyclists Safe

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 48

  • Bicycling Benchmarking Report Released!
  • NJDOT Releases Three New Bike Tours
  • Summer Events
  • Teaching Kids About Bike Safety

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 47

  • The City of Elizabeth Releases a Complete Streets Concept Plan for Morris Avenue
  • Complete Streets , Competing Priorities Conference
  • Multimodal Complete Streets

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 46

  • NJBPRC Inspires Teens to Bring Positive Change to Their Communities
  • When a State Route is a Main Street

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 45

  • New Jersey Pedestrian Crash Causation Report Released!
  • Rural Complete Streets
  • Bicycle Commuter Networks

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 44

  • Bicycle Share and Complete Streets
  • New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 43

  • Potential Solutions to Address Distracted Driving and Walking in New Jersey (2014)

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 42

  • Corporate Bike Shares
  • A Street Isn’t Complete If It’s Covered in Snow

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 41

  •  Summary of 2015 New Jersey Bike and Walk Summit
  • Low Stress Bicycle Network Connectivity
  • Planning Participation in Capital Improvements

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 40

  • 2015 New Jersey Bike & Walk Summit
  • Livingston Ave Road Diet Public Meeting Held

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 39

  •  Improving Road Safety Through Shared Space
  • Bicycling in the Suburbs

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 38

  • Mercer County is Covered in Complete Streets!
  • Top Complete Streets Policies of 2014
  • Sea Isle City Considering a Complete Streets Policy
  • The Voorhees Transportation Center Had a Large Presence at the NJ APA
  • Where Are Bicyclists and Pedestrians Most in Danger?

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 37

  • Our Top Bicycle and Pedestrian Moment of 2014
  • How Copenhagen’s Policy Failure Led to Infrastructure Success

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 36

  • NJDOT’s Complete Streets Planning and Design Workshops
  • Bicycle Safety in New Jersey
  • Active Commutes: Healthy Lifestyles

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 35

  • Dallas-Fort Worth Bicycle ‘Superhighway’

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 34

  • Middlesex County Route 529 Corridor Plan
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Creating Livable and Sustainable Communities

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 33

  • Kearny, NJ to Promote Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly Improvements
  • U.S. Department of Transportation Action Plan to Increase Biking and Walking
  • New Bike Lock Parking Spots in Montclair Parking Garage
  • Federal Highway Administration Launches Bicycle Safety Guide

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 32

  • New Brunswick Ciclovia Evaluation Report Released!
  • Plainfield New Jersey Contemplates a Complete Streets Policy
  • Montclair’s First Bicycle “Pop Up” Lane
  • First Pedestrian Safety Committee Public Meeting
  • Parking Day Celebrated in New Brunswick
  • The City of Hoboken’s Complete Streets

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 31

  • Westwood New Jersey Contemplates a Complete Streets Policy
  • Township of Hillsborough Recognized for Complete Streets Policy
  • Bicycle Tourism

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 30

  • New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center: Bicycle Safety Workshop
  • Bike Shares: Northern New Jersey Bike Share
  • New Brunswick Begins Introducing On-Street Parking Corrals

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 29

  • How Do Complete Streets Policy-Holding Municipalities Differ from Other Municipalities?

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 28

  • New Brunswick Holds Another Successful Ciclovia
  • Incentivizing Bicycling
  • Complete Streets Gaining Ground in New Jersey

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 27

  • The Economic Benefits of Active Transportation

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 26

  • Debbie Kingsland: New Jersey State Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
  • Addressing the Need for Safe Bicycle Parking at Transit Stations
  • Explore the Shore by Bicycle
  • BPAC Meeting Summary
  • Bicycling to Rail Stations in New Jersey: 2013 Benchmarking Report

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 25

  • Bicycling to Rail Stations in New Jersey
  • Biking in the Rain
  • Complete Streets: From Policy Adoption to Implementation in New Jersey

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 24

  • VTC Announces New Research Manager: James Sinclair
  • Sustainable Complete Streets: Including Green Infrastructure in Complete Streets Design

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 23

  • VTC Announces New Project Coordinator: Betsy Harvey
  • American Community Survey: Bicycling and Walking to Work 2008-2012
  • Livingston Avenue Road Diet
  • May is National Bike Month

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 22

  • Heat Island Mitigation in New Jersey

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 21

  • Caldwell: A Complete Streets Town
  • Complete Streets in Passaic County
  • NB Ciclovia Makes Front Page News
  • New Tools for Community Engagement

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 20

  • Congratulations Sheree Davis: NJDOT Bike and Pedestrian Safety Coordinator Retires
  • NJ Diabetes Leadership Forum
  • Aging in Urban Centers

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 19

  • Slimming Down Livingston Avenue
  • Constructing Parks for Diversifying Communities
  • NJ Complete Streets Policy Atlas

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 18

  • 2012 Pedestrian Safety Tracking Report
  • Connecting the City Through Park Corridors

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 17

  • Cycling Safely in Winter

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 16

  • Cycling on Sidewalks in New Jersey – Part 2

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 15

  • A Banner Year for Walking and Biking

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 14

  • NJ Complete Streets Policy Atlas

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 13

  • 2013 Building Healthy Communities Conference

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 12

  • New Jersey Gets ‘Street Smart’
  • Effective Snow Removal for Pathways and Transit Stops

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 11

  • 2013 NJ Complete Streets Summit
  • Scenes from Ciclovia

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 10

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 9

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 8

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 7

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 6

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 5

  • Cycling on Sidewalks in New Jersey – Part 1

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 4

  • South Orange River Greenway
  • What People Are Reading

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 3

  • NJAIM Participates in Elizabeth Walkability Audit
  • Charles Brown’s Presentation to Metuchen Borough listed in Local Newspaper

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 2

  • New Report: How do People Value Different Types of Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure?
  • Charles Brown Presents at 2013 Ontario Bike Summit!

NJ Walks & Bikes, Vol. 1

  • New Study: The Economic Impacts of Active Transportation in New Jersey
  • The Ambassadors are Back!
  • NJ Commuter Spotlight: Glenn Patterson

Vol. 3, No. 2

  • New Jersey DOT Adopts a Complete Streets Policy
  • CCCTMA Creates a Google Map showing Bicycle Routes and Public Transportation
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Considerations in the Development and Design Review Process -New Jersey Municipalities
  • Statewide Bicycling Survey Completed
  • Reflections on Technology: Electric Bikes in New Jersey

Vol. 3, No. 1

  • Partnering for Success: The Lawrence Hopewell Trail
  • Safe Bicycling and the Law
  • Senior Walkability in NJ: Making Improvements One Step at a Time
  • New Technology Helps Pedestrians Cross the Road
  • The Bike Church: Helping Asbury Park Youth, One Rider at a Time

Vol. 2, No. 2

  • The State is Ranked #9 in the Nation for Bike Friendliness
  • Local Traffic and Safety Bicycle/Pedestrian Committees: Spotlight on West Windsor Township, NJ
  • 10 Questions With Charles Carmalt
  • Pedestrian Safety Impact Teams

Vol. 2, No. 1 

  • Increasing Pedestrian Safety and Mobility in Suburban Areas
  • Why Drive 25 MPH?
  • NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy
  • Burlington County Bike Path Partnership

Vol. 1, No. 3

  • Ten Questions with Pam Fisher
  • Guiding the Way: Bicycle Signal Heads
  • Takin’ it to the Streets: Creating Complete Streets
  • Safety First: Walking and Bicycling at Night
Vol. 1, No. 2

  • Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Workshops
  • Watchung Lake Park Sidewalk Loop
  • Trail Plans – Community Recreation and More
  • Walkable Downtowns

Vol. 1, No. 1

  • Governor’s Pedestrian Safety Initiative
  • Cycling Toward a Better Quality of Life
  • Developing Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans
  • A Review of NJ Bike/Ped Laws