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Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety

How do Complete Streets Policy-Holding Municipalities Differ From Other Municipalities?

How do Complete Streets Policy-Holding Municipalities Differ From Other Municipalities?

It is no secret that communities across New Jersey are all unique in their own way. Some of them are much more walkable and bikeable while others rely heavily on the automobile. Each municipality faces their own challenges in order to accommodate all of its residents’ and visitors’ needs. Thus it comes as no surprise that Complete Streets have permeated…read more →

Biking in the Rain

Biking in the Rain

As spring winds down and summer arrives, more and more bicyclists can be found commuting to work or riding for leisure. Warmer weather brings people outside, however, it may also bring rain. Traveling in the rain increases safety risks for all users. It is important for bicyclists to dress appropriately and take additional precautions in order to be safe in…read more →

New Tools for Community Engagement

This winter has left many of New Jersey’s streets in a state of disrepair. Poor road conditions can cause motorists to make unpredictable hazard avoidance movements, increasing the danger for other road users, including other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. While automobiles may be damaged due to poor road conditions, the risk is even greater for bicyclists who frequently use roads…read more →

Connecting the City Through Park Corridors

Cities in the United States have a history of using green space to enhance urban landscapes. During the industrial revolution, Frederick Law Olmstead used green space not only to connect people, but create order in cities worn with strife. Cities in the early 1900s were consumed with filth on the streets and in the air. This polluted atmosphere paired with…read more →

Cycling Safely in Winter

The winter months can be a great time for cycling. By focusing on following the rules and regulations, dressing accordingly, seasonal hazards, and bicycle maintenance, cycling can be a positive and enjoyable experience. Follow these tips to make the most out of your winter cycling.

Cycling on Sidewalks in New Jersey – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Cycling on Sidewalks in New Jersey. Part 1 focused on the dangers of cycling on the sidewalk, situations in which cycling on the sidewalk is appropriate, and precautions cyclists should take when riding on the sidewalk. Part 2 examines municipalities with restrictions on cycling on the sidewalk, the common features of the restrictions and whether these restrictions should be expanded to other municipalities.

Street Smart: New Jersey’s Pedestrian Safety Campaign

In an effort to increase pedestrian safety throughout New Jersey, the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) is launching the Street Smart campaign.  The program, conducted in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration, the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the New Jersey Division of Highway Safety, will encourage both drivers and pedestrians to “check your vital signs”. “Whether you’re…read more →

Cycling on Sidewalks in New Jersey – Part 1

Cycling on Sidewalks in NJ: Dangers and safety precautions. This is the first of two blog posts about cycling on sidewalks in New Jersey. This article focuses on a) the dangers of riding on sidewalks; b) when it may be appropriate to ride on sidewalks; and c) precautions cyclists should take while riding on sidewalks. The next article will focus…read more →