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Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety

What’s the Law Anyway? A Quick Guide to New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws (2012)

What’s the Law Anyway? A Quick Guide to New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws (2012)

Title 39 of the New Jersey Statutes Annotated (N.J.S.A.) covers motor vehicle law, as well as laws that govern highways in general (note: the definition of “highway” according to state law is different from the colloquial definition of the term – according to state law, virtually every public road and street that automobiles operate on, including city streets and side…read more →

Helping to Tame Multi-Lane Crossings

It is no secret that traveling along New Jersey’s roadways can sometimes offer a stressful, heart racing experience. While motorists can often be heard complaining about traffic, construction, and especially the behavior of other drivers, few seem to realize how intimidating it can be for pedestrians who have to walk along and cross these very same roads. The most dangerous…read more →

Breaking News: New Jersey Transportation Officials announce Rail Safety Blueprint

Report emphasizes engineering, education and enforcement  (Trenton) – NJDOT Commissioner James Simpson today announced a range of initiatives designed for quick implementation to promote safety and reduce accidental deaths along the state’s busy railroad tracks. The announcement caps three months of work by a Safety Along Railroads Leadership Oversight Committee and its three subcommittees that were formed in the wake…read more →

Just Released: 2011 Pedestrian Safety Tracking Report

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center of New Jersey is proud to release the 2011 Pedestrian Safety Tracking Report This report is intended to extend and update the information provided in the 2010 Pedestrian Safety Tracking Report. Data presented in this report were collected from a variety of sources, but focus on the Plan4Safety database of reported crashes in the…read more →