Do you live or work in Middlesex County? If so, these upcoming workshops may be of interest to you!

Bike Easy. Walk Safely., Middlesex County’s new Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, will map current bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, identify gaps in the network, recommend future routes, incorporate leading practices, propose innovative programs and policies, and provide a framework for future investments that make it easier and safer for County residents and visitors to walk and bike.

There will be three visioning events held in different parts of the County, with registration links at the bottom of this post.
•   November 8, 2021, in Piscataway
•   November 9, 2021, in Perth Amboy
•   November 10, 2021, in Spotswood

These events are part of Middlesex County’s ongoing Destination 2040 strategic planning process. Feedback provided at the events will inform the development of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

All three events will follow the same program:

10 to 11:30 am
Walkabout survey – Take part in a 1-2-mile walking tour to explore the existing walking environment, make observations, and discuss ways to improve conditions while experiencing them firsthand. The tour will accommodate people with all levels of ability, including people with disabilities and older adults. Wear comfortable shoes!

Handlebar survey – Take part in a 3-5-mile bike tour to explore the existing biking environment, make observations, and discuss ways to improve conditions while experiencing them firsthand. Bring your bicycle and helmet!

Note: The two surveys will coincide. You can participate in only one.

6 to 8 pm  

Public visioning workshop – Hear more about Bike Easy. Walk Safely., see a summary of findings from the morning surveys, and take part in small-group activities that will identify needs and explore ideas for making it easier and safer to walk and bike.

The evening workshop will follow this agenda:

  1. Welcome 
  2. Icebreaker Exercise
  3. Introductory Presentation
  4. Small Group Visioning Exercise
  5. Small Group Network Mapping
  6. Group Report Out 
  7. Project Next Steps and Q&A 
  8. Wrap up / Adjourn  
Each day will feature a morning walkabout and bicycle audit, and an evening workshop. You can register for each event using the following links:
Piscataway Morning:
Piscataway Evening:
Perth Amboy Morning:
Perth Amboy Evening:
Spotswood Morning:
Spotswood Evening: