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Our Achievements

During the course of our strategic planning process, internal and external stakeholders identified the key successes of the Resource Center over the past decade. In compiling this list of successful projects, stakeholders noted that success denotes different things for different types of projects. In the case of research, for example, several papers have been recognized widely outside of New Jersey and have served as models for other state’s efforts. For outreach and technical assistance efforts, success is based on access to NJBRPC staff and user-friendly resources that reflect best practices information on cycling and walking. For training and educational activities, success means designing and disseminating high quality, current information to targeted audiences to advance policies that support cycling and walking, including law enforcement officials in the case of the Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Training Workshop, and local officials, planners, engineers, and advocates in the case of the Complete Streets Summit.

Below is a summary of the Resource Center’s past successes:

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Training Workshops

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Training Workshops began in year 6 of the BPRC. Since that time numerous workshops have been held throughout the State to educate law enforcement officers on procedures to conduct safe and effective crosswalk stings.

New Jersey Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey

A bicycle and pedestrian survey, designed in consultation with NJDOT, was developed to help establish baseline bicycling and walking data and to monitor behavioral and attitudinal changes over time. This data is important in developing policies and interventions to improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety.

New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

The goal of the BPAC is to promote policies, practices and attitudes that increase bicycling and walking for transportation and recreation, enhancing quality of life and improving public health and the environment. In conjunction with NJDOT, the BPRC has been coordinating and facilitating quarterly meetings of the BPAC. This includes participating on and chairing the three BPAC subcommittees.

Common Grounds Leadership Seminar

In February of 2004, more than 170 leaders from the public sector, private industry, and nonprofit organizations gathered in New Brunswick to explore how community design impacts healthy lifestyles, specifically through the advancement of walking and biking. The conference illuminated the existing and potential roles of land use, health, transportation, education, and related disciplines in fostering more active lifestyles to counter the obesity epidemic afflicting New Jersey and the nation.

Resource Center’s Website, Help Desk, and Email List

The help desk provides bicycle and pedestrian-related information and technical assistance to transportation professionals, citizens, and policy makers. The website is a platform for information distribution and plays a central role in helping to keep government organizations, professionals and citizens informed about pedestrian and bicycle policies, programs and practices. The email list provides a forum for informal exchange of ideas, problems, news and announcements related to bicycle and pedestrian issues in New Jersey.

New Jersey Walks and Bikes Newsletter

Until late 2011, newsletters were published bi-annually in a, web-based format and disseminated via our email list. The newsletter featured bicycle and pedestrian projects and events, best practices information, legislation, current research, and interviews with key stakeholders. The newsletter was recently converted to a blog format.

Who’s Who Guide to Walking and Biking New Jersey

  In March of 2005, this guide was compiled to build networks and partnerships across a wide range of stakeholders working to promote physical activity, educate the public about health benefits of increased physical activity, and promote the design of active living environments.

The New Jersey Stop and Stay Stopped Law

This law implemented in April of 2010 requires motorists to stop and stay stopped for pedestrians in crosswalks. Failure to observe the law can subject motorists to either 2 points on their driver’s license, a $200 fine, 15 days of community service, or insurance surcharges.

New Jersey Complete Streets Summit

The Complete Streets Summit held in October of 2010 attracted nearly 200 local, county, regional, and state agency planners, engineers, and officials. Along with a keynote speaker, there were three main topics: 1) policy, design and safety; 2) cost, funding and maintenance; and 3) liability.

Nationally Acclaimed Research Papers

Constructing, Maintaining and Financing Sidewalks in New Jersey: This research paper produced findings on how sidewalks in New Jersey are constructed, maintained, reconstructed and financed.

Building a Better Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Council: This paper identifies common challenges facing statewide bicycle and pedestrian advisory groups and pinpoints structures and concepts that have worked well in other states.

Pedestrian Scale Lighting in New Jersey: This research paper highlights what New Jersey could do to improve pedestrian lighting and the safety of its pedestrians.

Safe Routes to School Program

This successful program, now a sister center to the BPRC at the VTC, empowers communities to make walking and biking to school a safe and routine activity for all children.

New Jersey Driver’s Education Manual

BPRC staff played a significant role in the recommendation of changes made to the NJ Driver’s Education Manual to better address bicycle and pedestrian safety and laws.

Annual Pedestrian Crash Tracking Report

This report is produced annually by the BPRC and provides practitioners and the NJDOT with updated pedestrian crash statistics and trends.

Speaking Engagements

Staff have conducted presentations at the national and local levels, at a variety of conferences and events, such as: TransAction; NJ APA; NJ Council of Fitness and Sports; Rutgers; ProWalk/ProBike; Seattle Bicycle..