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Lisa Cintron

The New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center’s is happy to announce the arrival of our newest staff member, Lisa Cintron! Lisa joins the team as a Research Project Coordinator.

Lisa is enthusiastic about her return to Rutgers, having graduated from Bloustein in 2014. She comes most recently from a research position with PlanSmartNJ where she managed the Guide to the Future (PDF) project. The report highlights the need for creativity and optimism in addressing New Jersey’s roughly 21 million square feet of stranded assets located in suburban office and retail parks across the state. Her writing and graphic design throughout the report was described as “concise, compelling, and powerful.” Lisa enjoys employing her Adobe, web design, and GIS skills to translate complex findings into simple, visually pleasing designs.

Lisa has previously worked on research and analytical projects with UNICEF, the Women’s Refugee Commission, the UNDP, and the Institute for International Education. Working under Dale Buscher of the Women’s Refugee Commission, Lisa co-authored a paper discussing unrealized potentials posed by the coordination of development and humanitarian assistance as they related to urban refugees and planning. The article was shared with the UNHCR Task force on Women’s Rights. She has also promoted resiliency and community development with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, following Superstorm Sandy. One commonality Lisa has carried throughout her diverse resume is a strong affinity for creative problem solving, strategic thinking, and compelling communications.

Lisa holds a Bachelor’s in History and Middle Eastern Studies as well as a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from Rutgers University. She is passionate about the role of planning in enhancing quality of life, whether that relates to safe bike lanes to minimize driving or expanding safe access to parks and open space.

Lisa will be utilizing her research, analytic and creative skills to support the Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center as a Research Project Coordinator. Lisa’s particular interest in equity and walkability, coupled with her eye for design, will prove beneficial to BPRC’s upcoming projects. Lisa will be focusing on the Complete Streets Case Studies, Ciclovia analysis, and the upcoming Statewide Pedestrian Usage and Access Study which will complement the Bicycle Usage and Access Study that is currently underway. Lisa is also developing a social media strategy to enhance BPRC’s outreach.

Lisa’s work directly aligns with her passion for nature. She has a goal of “tagging” at least one National Park each year to enjoy walking, biking, and kayaking in some of the greatest open space the country has to offer. She also volunteers as a Girl Scout leader promoting confidence, leadership, a connection with the community, and love for the outdoors in her troop. She is an avid reader, podcast listener, and Disney fanatic.