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Fear: A Silent Barrier to Bicycling in Black and Hispanic Communities, as seen in the September edition of the ITE Journal

The September edition of the ITE Journal, from the Institute of Transportation Engineers, includes an article penned by BPRC’s Charles Brown. Titled “Fear: A Silent Barrier to Bicycling Black and Hispanic Communities,” the article states that transportation engineers should pay attention to the personal safety of bicyclists in Black and Hispanic communities.  Using data that BPRC collected across New Jersey last summer, Mr. Brown looks at why Black and Hispanic individuals cited personal safety as their number two barrier to bicycling, second only to a fear of traffic collisions. Later this month, BPRC will release a full report detailing the data collected during this project, including additional barriers to bicycling.

You can download a PDF featuring the entire article here.

Additionally, you can browse the entire September edition here. The September edition focuses on safety and mobility for all.