NJAIM attended 10 events during the past two weeks of outreach activities. Ambassadors conducted on-street outreach twice in Woodbridge, five times in Elizabeth, and on three occasions in Newark. They also attended a governmental outreach and technical assistance meeting in New Brunswick.


On-Street Outreach

Ambassador Andrew Bomberger providing pedestrian and bicycle safety literature to teenagers in Woodbridge Township

1.  Main Street, Woodbridge

Ambassadors distributed educational literature to roughly 150 people, many of whom were children walking home from school. They also stopped by Auto Parts of Woodbridge Bike Shop, where employees were happy to display bicycle safety literature for customers.

2. Woodbridge Center Mall, Woodbridge

NJAIM educated nearly 125 people at Woodbridge Center Mall, which was a great place to conduct outreach on a humid June afternoon.

3. Fairmont Avenue & Newark Avenue, Elizabeth

NJAIM handed-out educational literature to roughly 100 people at this intersection, including many children as a nearby school had recently been dismissed. The majority of people took both pedestrian and bicycle safety pamplets.

Ambassador Cailean Carr distributing informational literature in Newark


4. Morris Avenue & North Broad Street, Elizabeth

After a successful trip to this intersection last year, NJAIM returned to the location and distributed educational literature to approximately 200 people.

5. Broad Street & Dickinson Street, Elizabeth

NJAIM conducted outreach at this busy intersection for two hours and distributed 200 pedestrian safety pamphlets and 200 bicycle safety brochures. They also visited nearby New Jersey Cycle and provided the store with bicycle safety pamphlets to hand out to customers.


6. Jersey Gardens Mall, Elizabeth

Ambassadors conducted outreach at Jersey Gardens Mall during this rainy afternoon. They distributed approximately 90 pedestrian and 90 bicycle safety pamphlets.

7. Board Street & Market Street, Newark

NJAIM educated nearly 300 people at this busy intersection in Newark. Several people also asked where they could purchase a bike, and a woman asked about the availability of bicycle education courses. The ambassadors directed these people to the appropriate resources.

Ambassador Steve Courage teaching children how to safely cross busy Broad Street in Newark

8. Ferry Street & Adams Street, Newark

Ambassadors spent two hours educating pedestrians and bicyclists at this busy intersection and reached roughly 750 people! A significant amount of Spanish-language educational literature was also distributed. While in Newark, NJAIM visited Independence Park and handed out 50 bicycle and pedestrian safety pamphlets to people engaged in recreational activities.

9. Market Street & Allings Street, Newark

NJAIM spent three hours educating roughly 400 people at this intersection adjacent to the Newark Train Station, where there was significant pedestrian traffic. Ambassadors also revisited the intersection of Market Street and Broad Street before they left, where they reached 750 people in only an hour! This corner experiences significant foot-traffic and is a great place to conduct outreach.


Governmental Outreach and Technical Assistance

Complete Streets Informational Meeting, New Brunswick

NJAIM met with representatives from the Chronic Disease Coalition of Middlesex and Union Counties to provide an overview of Complete Streets. They also discussed ways in which the coalition can show their support for the adoption of Complete Streets policies in the region, as physical activity is fundamental to preventing chronic disease. While only three members of the coalition attended this meeting, NJAIM plans to present to the entire coalition in July.

NJAIM will be conducting outreach in Jersey City, Hoboken, and Paterson over the next two weeks. Check in with us in July to find out what the ambassadors accomplished!