News Spotlight: April 16th – May 2nd

“Guidebook For Developing Pedestrian & Bicycle Performance Measures,” PeopleForBikes, March 2016

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published a new guidebook to help communities develop performance measures for bicycle and pedestrian planning in March 2016, Guidebook For Developing Pedestrian & Bicycle Performance Measures. Unlike traditional automobile planning, bicycle and pedestrian planning has lacked performance management techniques that inform decision making. This guidebook helps fill that gap by discussing key steps that communities can take to develop performance measures that fully integrate pedestrian and bicycle planning into broader, ongoing performance management efforts.

In a constrained funding environment, it is critical to be able to identify the projects and investments that will provide the highest level of benefit. More agencies are using multiple transportation performance measures to track progress, develop effective solutions to needs, and prioritize needs and investments.

The authors discuss a wide range of performance measures that communities at all levels can select those that are best for them. This tool box includes connectivity index, mode split, average trip length, and level of service, among others. Communities across New Jersey interested in identifying pedestrian and bicycle projects that provide the highest level of benefit will find this new guidance helpful and illuminating as they plan for the future.