Going Mobile – Five Free Apps for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Much like the rise of affordable personal computers defined the 1990’s technologically, the smart phone seems set to shape the 2010’s. Though Words with Friends at the bus stop or mobile Facebook at the office may be the kind of activities more commonly seen on user’s screens, the ease with which software developers can create and release mobile applications or “apps” has resulted in thousands of opportunities to improve connectivity, make life easier, and yes, have some frivolous fun. Most of these applications only cost a few dollars while some can be free, often with the financial support of “in app” advertising. It can be difficult sometimes, though, to sort through the enormous quantity of apps on the market, and sometimes an app that you have paid for may not necessarily be as good as one that can be downloaded for free. Here, we examine some of the more intriguing completely free smart phone apps useful for those who like to be active and get around using their own two feet.

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