2022 was an exciting year for the NJ Bicycle & Pedestrian Resource Center (BPRC). NJBPRC, supported by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) through funds provided by the Federal Highway Administration, was involved in numerous activities and engagement in the past year. From providing technical assistance, such as updating the BPRC website and publishing NJ Walks and Bikes blog articles, to providing education on new federal funding opportunities and training sessions on Complete Streets, NJBRPC enjoyed many successes. The accomplishments are listed below:

Technical Assistance 

  • Completing a major BPRC website update which was launched in October and included the following: 
    • New page on micromobility with FAQs on the law and downloadable resources on education and presentation on how to explain the new law. 
    • New pages on bicycle laws and pedestrian laws. 
    • Updated page on the new Safe Passing Law with FAQs on the law and downloadable resources on education and presentation on how to explain the new law. 
    • The website has been viewed 46,350 times by 36,740 users as of November 5, 2022.  
  • Coordinating efforts and working with partners to roll out education on new Safe Passing Law, which went into effect March 1, 2022. 
    • Worked with partners on the creation of a social media toolkit, updates to websites, guides, and manuals, and a long-term implementation plan. 
  • Publishing six NJ Walks and Bikes Blog articles for the newsletter, including: 
  • Partnering with NJDOT to advance Strategic Highway Safety Plan actions related to pedestrian and bicycle, equity, data, and intersection safety.  
  • Working with the Trenton Health Team on the Trenton Complete Streets Ordinance.  
  • Conducting six NJ Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Council (BPAC) meetings with approximately 70 people in attendance at each meeting.
  • Coordinating three subcommittees (Design & Infrastructure, Policy, and Safety) which discussed the following topics: 
    • Complete Streets planning and design guide updates 
    • Residential Site Improvement Standards (RSIS) updates 
    • Title 39 & Parking Protected Bike Lanes 
    • Zero Death Initiatives and safety plans 
    • Pedestrian safety countermeasures 
    • Grants and funding 
    • Safe Passing Law education and outreach 
    • Statewide trails and trail crossings 
  • Responding to 49 Help Desk requests submitted to bikeped@ejb.rutgers.edu or (848) 932-7901. 


Education and Training 

  • Conducting research and creating a presentation on the new funding opportunities available in the Bipartisan infrastructure law (IIJA), including the Reconnecting Communities Pilot Grant Program and the Safe Streets for All (SS4A) Grant Program.  
  • Coordinating and hosting three Complete Streets Trainings sessions attended by 316 individuals. 
  • Coordinating with our Transportation Management Association (TMA) partners to facilitate bike rodeos that helped children learn how to ride a bicycle through our Ambassadors in Motion program. In 2022, our ambassadors participated in three bike rodeo events at Highland Park, Piscataway and Trenton. 
  • Presenting at conferences and summits, including: 
    • TransAction (Complete Streets & Trails) 
    • New Jersey Drivers’ Education Conference (Safe Passing Law) 
    • Mercer County Trails Summit (Funding Trails) 
    • NJDOT Research Showcase (Complete Streets, Equity, Public Engagement) 
  • Conducting a Pedestrian Safety Education and Enforcement (PSEE) Workshop 



Researching topics to inform decisions and policy, including the following reports: 

  • Understanding the Safe Systems Approach and the three major Zero Deaths Initiatives (in process) 
  • Evaluating the Effects of Bicyclists and Motor Vehicles on Corridors’ Operating Speed with Rowan University (in process) 
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of ITS-Based Countermeasures on Pedestrian Safety with Rowan University (in process) 
  • Behavioral Impacts on Transportation from Covid-19: Will We Walk and Cycle More? (in process) 

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